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Nearly all industrial processes use liquids and gases or both. Controlling these processes needs the precise and accurate measurement and control of liquid and gas pressures and temperatures. Thus, pressure and temperature measurement are the most important and basis of all the process parameters.  One can measure and derive pressure, level and flow in the process industry by measuring only Pressure parameter. Pressure is strongly influenced by position within the static fluid. But, at a given position, it is independent of direction.
Flow metering has been around for hundreds of years. Most of the principles we apply today, however, are the product of progress and technological evolutions that took place only over last 50 years or so. The microprocessor has figured large in all recent developments. Software and microprocessor has become integral part of modern flowmeters, bringing unparalleled flexibility and quality to flow metering by exploiting the potential of digital signal processing and super fast communication capabilities.
Level is one of the oldest of all measurements. The measurement of level for liquid and solids is for great importance in today’s industrial environment. In spite of technological evolutions in level measurement, mechanical level measurement is still useful measurement is today’s industrial environment. The importance today is more towards safety and security of measurement without compromising accuracy and repeatability. 
To operate any industrial process efficiently, it is important to measure, actuate, record and control. Valves, dampers, louvers and butterflies are crucial equipment in almost any application of process plants. The performance of the complete process depends on the performance of final control element like actuators, positioner and I/P Converters. 
With technological innovations in digital signal processing, recording and controlling devices have reached new height in terms of data storage and performance.
Cost saving and performance improvement are the key words in today’s industrial environment. High speed and fast response range of controllers have made factory automation easy. Today, most of the mechanical devices are operated and controlled by super fast electronics controllers with great level of safety. The demand of cost and resource saving in the industry has given rise to concept of remote management of assets in the industry through secured online data centres. 
In last 15 years, research and development is process automation industry has taken industrial automation to a very high level. Plant availability, plant performance, safety at the same time high efficiency and profitability are the key parameters. Unmatched rage of control systems and remote management solutions are employed to control extremely difficult and critical processes.

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Bhavyam Engineering Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd. – Pune (INDIA) is one of the leading companies in the field of Process Control Instrumentation and Factory Automation Products & Solutions. The objective is to provide latest technology Products and Services to esteemed customers. Today, Bhavyam is Value-Added Service provider for various Leading Global brands in the Engineering industry.

We Strive to be the Leading and Trusted business associates, in the field of Engineering through highest level of Customer Satisfaction

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We add value by striving to understand our customers engineering requirements to enable us to deliver reliable solutions to meet strategic business goals.

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