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Pressure & Temperature Measurement

Wolrd’s most comprehensive range of Pressure and Temperature measurement products suitable for almost all types of Industrial environments. Best in class stability and ease of configuration are the unique feature for these transmitters. The product range includes Absolute / Gauge Pressure Transmitters / Differential Pressure Transmitters along with remote seals / Head mounted & Field mounted Temperature Transmitters / RTD & Thermocouples.

Absolute / Gauge / Differential Pressure Transmitters / Head & Field mounted Temperature Transmitters / RTD & Thermocouples

Flow Measurement

The flowmeter portfolio contains breakthrough product innovations designed to solve problems, increase availability and save costs. We offer flow solutions for many tough applications such as abrasive fluids, high pressure or temperature, noisy environment and large size air ducts. The flow range includes Magnetic / Vortex / Coriolis / Differential Pressure / Multi-array Pitot tubes / Thermal Mass Flow Metering solutions for Liquid / Air / Gas and Steam applications.

Magnetic / Vortex / Coriolis / DP / Pitot tubes / Thermal Mass Flow Metering solutions for Liquid / Air / Gas and Steam applications.

Level Measurement

Continuous as well as limit detections solutions for liquid & solids for all industrial environments. High operation reliability and industrial safety are key performance indicators. Unique solutions for bulk solid level measurement for optimized process performance. The products offered are Radar / Guided Wave Radar / Hydrostatic / Ultrasonic / Capacitance / Conductive / Magnetostrictive / Laser / Magnetic / Vibrating fork level measurement for Solids and Liquids.

Radar / Guided wave / Hydrostatic / Ultrasonic / Capacitance / Magnetic / Laser / Vibrating level measurement for Solids and Liquids.

Controllers / Recorders / Positioners & I/P Converters

A new generation of Universal process control instruments elevates process monitoring & control to an altogether higher level and are more intuitive, easier to operate and significantly more powerful in performance. Wide range of products such as Electrical Actuators, Positioners & I/P Converters to position and actuate any final control element to achieve best in class performance for every industrial process.

PID Controllers / Actuators and Positioners / Standard & Flame proof I/P Converters & Air Filter Regulators / Liquid Analysis Instruments

Factory Automation Products

Single point contact for everything from electrical connections systems to electronic automation technology, which includes Cost competitive PLCs, Remote I/Os, Wireless Solutions, Industrial modular terminal block, PCB connectors, Industrial Circular and data connectors, Surge protection devices, Managed / Un-managed Ethernet Switches, Protocol Converters, Relay boards, etc. The wide range of Power supplies and DC UPS offers highest level of reliability and operational safety.

PLCs / Remote I/Os / SMPS / Ethernet Switches / Industrial Connectors / Relays / Terminals / Tools / Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote Monitoring Solutions & Industrial Communications

There is a greater need today to streamline, cut costs, improve efficiency and become more environmentally friendly than ever before. Efficient remote management of installations, machines and equipment is a way to meet these demands. Remote Management solutions offered are used in all Industrial applications to save time, energy and resource. Monitoring and control of Assets remotely through secured online data centre. Range of proven and trusted industrial gateways used by leading device manufacturers, system integrators and end users.

PLC based Control solutions / Customized Research and Development projects / Labview based Control system projects / Training Services.